Baby unexpectedly born in Chick-fil-A gifted free food for life, job

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We strive for a simple experience leaving you satisfied and confident about your poultry order. They are friendly and easy to tame, plus they make for great conversation with curious neighbors. Their mahogany feathers with speckles get more and more beautiful after each molt.

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A family was in for a surprise as a woman gave birth to her baby in Chick-fil-A. According to KSAT-TV, the fast food restaurant is the Griffin family's favorite place to eat, but they never.


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You will receive a good mix and variety. The Asian Black is a slower growing bird. The males can reach market weight in 10 to 12 weeks, and the females take 15 weeks. It is a hardy bird that can adapt to many growing conditions. The ISA Brown is one of the top sellers in the industry because of the number of eggs they lay and their gentle demeanor. The ISA Brown has excellent shell quality and texture. A docile bird, extremely easy to work with.

When they are hatched the pullets are red and the cockerels are white. Looking for a set of prolific egg layers? Nothing but our tried and true egg production breeds are part of this assortment. Cornish Cross broilers require special feeding and care but grow astonishingly fast. They weigh nearly six pounds when only six weeks old by efficiently converting feed into flesh.

Cornish Cross Broilers are the best choice for a person who wants to quickly produce delicious meat and has no plan to save hens for egg-production. The Cornish Game Hen is a Cornish Cross Broiler pullet that is butchered at 3 weeks of age when they reach a weight of 2. A great mix of any of our meat birds based on availability.

If you have an operation that allows the birds to either be free range or inside, and you love variety, this assortment is for you! This assortment may include any bird in the Dual-Purpose category or that has a Dual-Purpose label and it is based on availability.

You will love the flexibility that most of these breeds offer, they are all great egg layers and make great additions to your dinner table. They are a dual purpose breed that features rich, brilliant red plumage, yellow legs, and a pea comb. They are good egg layers and grow fairly rapidly making them a true dual-purpose farm chicken. Buckeyes are very hardy that resist frostbite very well thanks to their small comb and wattles.

Furthermore, due to their Malay ancestry they are very rugged and excellent foragers. They have an easy-going demeanor and are not inclined to be flighty. The Buckeye is the ultimate combination of beautiful plumage, utility, and hardiness for the backyard flock. It is a hybrid type of Sex Link originally the result of crossing Rhode Island Reds and Rhode Island Whites, but now contains genetics from a wide range of breeds. They are a very docile bird and will get along in almost any environment.

The Red Ranger is a bird that doesn't need the speical care of the Cornish Cross yet produces a meaty body relatively quickly. They are the best bird for a small flock owner wanting fast growing meat birds that are relatively easy to raise.

They will reach mature weight in approximately 12 weeks. The Black Sex Link is an excellent brown egg layer. This creates a very versatile bird that is a great egg layer, has the temperament of a Barred Plymouth Rock and can hold its own through the cold dark winter.

The Rhode Island Red breed was developed in the late 's. Their ability to lay about eggs per year made this breed famous worldwide and became the parent of several modern hybird egg layers. The glossy mahogany colored hens with black tail feathers are as beautiful as they are gentle and productive. These lacy girls aren't all show with their elegantly patterned feathers.

They are also great egg layers. Wyandottes are one of the most strikingly beautiful chickens to grace a backyard flock. Developed in New York, they are quiet, easy to manage and one of the most winter hardy of all breeds.

This brand new sex-link chicken will amaze you with it's blue and lavender colored plumage. This Czech breed is an excellent egg layer and great forager. It does well in hot climates and is a breed very close to the Old Andalusians. This bird is a specialty hybrid that was created by a breeder in the Czech Republic. Wyandottes aren't all show with their elegantly patterned feathers. Developed in New York, they are quiet, easy to manage and are of the most winter hardy of all breeds.

Years ago a small amazingly productive chicken breed was imported from Italy through the port of Livorno. Supermarket eggs are almost always laid by White Leghorns or hybrids developed from them. Hens lay about eggs every year while eating less feed than most other breeds. Silkies are named for their unique fluffy plumage, which feels like silk. They have several unusual qualities, such as black skin and bones, blue earlobes, and five toes on each foot.

Calm and friendly and the most docile of poultry, they make an ideal pet. Hens are broody, and make good mothers. Though they are fair layers themselves, they are commonly used to hatch eggs from other breeds. Another great sex-link chicken that has great egg laying qualities, making this another top red sex-link choice for your backyard flock.

Plymouth Rocks are as beautiful and productive as they are easy to care for. In a travel weary band of pilgrims set foot on Plymouth Rock. Years later an ideal backyard chicken breed was named in honor of this famous site. They link the flock owner with American history while yielding abundant eggs and tasty meat. In bygone days when nearly every farm had a chicken flock the utility and beauty of these birds made them the breed of choice.

Few birds are as stunningly real as a Plymouth Rock strolling across a summer lawn. With a New England heritage, they don't let January's blizzards interrupt laying.

Other reports suggest that Brown Leghorns and Golden Penciled Hamburgs were also used to create this beautiful variety of Plymouth Rock.

The Partridge Plymouth Rock combines all of the excellent utility traits and hardiness of other Plymouth Rocks with the intricate pattern known as Partridge. The males feature dark red hackle and saddle feathers with a black tail and breast.

The feather pattern is even more stunning upon close examination. Like other Plymouth Rocks, they have a gentle temperament and are not only good egg layers, but also grow to a large size, making them excellent dual-purpose chickens.

One of the best breeds for newcomers to chickens, and for families with young children. Named for the English town where they were developed, Orpingtons come in several feather colors but all are big quiet birds with fluffy feathers that keep them toasty warm during frigid weather.

Buff Orpingtons are the most common color and lay about brown eggs a year. The Welsummer hen lays large eggs which are a terracotta dark brown, often with dark speckles.

It is a light, friendly, and intelligent breed, with rustic-red and orange color. Like the Marans the Welsummer tends to be more athletic, taking to foraging and free ranging more often than other breeds. This graceful white and amber colored sex link can lay eggs like no one's business, even in the cold dark winters. It is derived from the ISA genetic line and doesn't disappoint in egg production and cold weather hardiness. It is a very well balanced bird that lays nice medium size table eggs.

They are docile and make great foragers. Named after India's Brhmaputra River the breed probably came to the United States on Nineteenth Century sailing ships, or could have been developed here from other Asian breeds. Brahmas are enormous, with hens weighing about 10 pounds. Their gentle and quiet temperament makes them one of the best breeds around children. Hens lay about medium brown eggs annually. Sold in straight run only. Hatchery Choice Rare will be any assortment of rare breeds based on availability from any bird that has a "Rare Breed" banner.

The assortment will not include bantams. People own Salmon Faverolles for their silliness and their steady egg production. These bearded beauties are great docile birds that are very friendly. The breed originated in France and became the premier meat and egg laying breed at the Paris market in the late s. The salmon color s the most prominent in Europe and where they are available in the United States.

We offer week-old Started Pullets. We suggest you continue with this feed until they begin to lay at weeks. At 6 weeks old, they are mostly feathered out so they won't require a heat lamp as long as they are dept dry and out of the wind.

Mailed USPS Priority Express, we do not guarantee overnight delivery, but do guarantee live arrival and 48 hour survivability. The Husky Red is the bird for you if you are looking for a breed that has a faster growth rate than the Red Ranger and does well in free range environments.

They will finish and mature slightly faster than the Red Ranger breed. They enjoy both free range environments but can do well in smaller areas too. They are a docile breed. Black Australorps are Black Orpingtons that originate from Australia. In the late 's New Jersey breeders created a chicken designed to rival the meatiness of the turkeys back then.

The massive Black Jersey Giant was the result of merging the genetics of several large breeds. Later the White Jersey Giant was created. They grow slowly but eventually are a third larger than most other heavy breeds.

These birds are ideal for anyone wanting an impressive hen that lays about extra-large eggs annually. When younger, the birds will mature relatively quick, but they tend to reach a marketable meat weight slower than other breeds.

It can take up to 9 months for this bird to fill out its meat proportions. Every backyard flock needs a colored egg layer. Our Americana will give you an assortment of colors from turquoise, to olive to light brown. The Americana breed comes from the Araucana and Ameraucana mix and has different color plumage variations. It is because of this genetic combination that our birds are not meant for exhibition. The Old English Bantam originated in England and were raised for cock fighting.

The sport was banned in and today the birds are raised for exhibition. The upright appearance and confidence in this breed sets it apart and makes it noticeable. Red and Silver Duck Wing. The Assorted White Egg Layer assortment is based on availability and will not include meat birds of any kind, or brown egg layers.

The breeds may be a mixture of the following: Barnevelders are a medium heavy, dual-purpose birds that are very cold hardy. Their beautiful double-laced brown and blue feathers are just another perk of this docile bird that takes to foraging easily.

The Barnevelders are single combed with yellow legs. Cochins are friendly, docile chickens and tend to be submissive when kept with more aggressive breeds.

The Cochins were introduced to the United States around from China. They require good quality feed and mature in 2 years. They make remarkably good pets, and a pet Cochin can live between years. They make excellent brooders because of their calm maternal nature.

The Maran breed originates from a town called Marans, France. It is a very winter hardy breed with a docile temperament. This breed is known to be more athletic and taking to foraging and free ranging more often than other breeds. The Black Maran lays a lighter brown egg, unlike the Black Copper Maran that lays a very dark brown egg. These tough birds make a great addition to any backyard flock. A distinguished breed with white body feathers and black tail feathers. The bright red comb wattles completes the beauty of this bird.

The Black Tail White Japanese originated in Japan in the 's and was originally bred to only be a bantam. This breed has high tail feathers and is shorter than the average bantam. These lacy girls aren't all show with their elegantly patterned feathers, they are also great egg layers.

The Blue Laced Red Wyandotte is sold as straight run only. Brown Leghorns share the productive traits and nervous personality of their whit cousins but have slightly larger bodies clothed in one of the most beautiful feather patterns of any white egg laying breed. Always alert, Brown Leghorns are athletic, excitable, noisy and often better able to avoid predators than slower breeds.

This perfect backyard chicken breed is named after India's Brahmaputra River. The breed probably came to the United States on Nineteenth Century sailing ships, these Brahmas are enormous. Feathers cover their feet and shanks, keeping them warm in winter. Their docile, gentle, and quiet temperament makes them one of the best breeds around children. They sometimes go broody, and are attentive mothers. The breed name Polish came from the Polish army's feathered caps because it resembled their feathered crests.

The chickens originated in Spain and then brought to Holland, where the Dutch perfected their coloring. Our main goal is to provide you with healthy, hearty chicks in a timely manner.

Because of our central location between Albany and Syracuse, we can ship to your post office every Wednesday with arrival on the next day to locations within miles from us. We also offer the option of picking up at the hatchery itself, saving you the price of shipping and the stress of mail handling for the chicks as well as giving us the opportunity to meet you.

Our customers of the past fourteen years have noticed that the chicks tend to be less stressed when they spend less time traveling through the mail system. They were looking for a way to process the chickens they were raising in an efficient manner.

This unit would provide pastured poultry producers with the means to process birds on their farms without each one of them having to go to the expense of buying the equipment themselves, especially if they were just starting out and deciding whether home processing was the route they wanted to take. The producers were able to schedule processing days and helped to maintain the unit by paying a small price for each bird they processed. The association also provided educational meetings and advice for those who were interested in becoming producers themselves.

The unit proved to be a useful tool, but after about eight years, the need for it diminished. Producers who began growing birds on a larger scale bought their own equipment or took their birds to a state inspected facility.


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