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The Vienna Opera Ball and the Nobel Prize ceremony are white tie events, and some European universities retain it as the dress code for doctoral conferment ceremonies. In modern Germany, mess dress is a permitted uniform for officers and non-commissioned officers NCOs of the Bundeswehr attending white or black tie festive social occasions. Retrieved 8 August Rank was indicated on a small enamelled brooch worn near the neck.

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White tie, also called full evening dress or a dress suit, is the most formal evening dress code in Western high fashion. For men, it consists of a black dress tailcoat worn over a white starched shirt, marcella waistcoat and the eponymous white bow tie worn around a detachable collar.
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Sky Blue Sole Society Shoes. While predominantly a uniform worn by commissioned officers for whom it is mandatory, it may also be worn as an optional uniform by senior enlisted personnel in the U.

The Australian Army has separate mess kits for summer and winter. The summer mess kit is a white jacket, almost identical between different branches of the army. The winter mess kit is made of thicker material, with jackets in the colour scarlet or dark blue of the wearers' corps. The winter mess dress includes a waistcoat. Both kits have the same barrathea blue trousers, but trousers vary in the colour and width of leg stripe denoting corps.

Women's mess attire is the same, except that women may wear a skirt instead of trousers. Both versions are worn with a bow tie and white shirt; Marcella for winter and plain for summer. The Royal Australian Air Force has different mess uniforms for summer and winter.

The summer mess kit is marked out by a white jacket while the winter jacket is dark blue. Media related to Mess uniforms of Canada at Wikimedia Commons.

Mess dress is worn as formal evening attire for mess dinners. Uniforms range from full mess dress with dinner jackets, cummerbunds or waistcoats to service dress worn with a bow tie for individuals not required to own mess dress generally non-commissioned members or members of the reserves.

Mess dress is not provided at public expense. However, all commissioned officers of the regular forces are required to own mess dress within six months of being commissioned. The winter mess dress No. Officers of the rank of Captain N and above wear a tailcoat instead of the standard jacket. NCMs trousers are the same pattern, but without gold lace down the seam. Miniatures of medals earned are worn on the left lapel; regular size qualification badges earned are worn on the left sleeve, above the rank insignia as they are worn in the Royal Navy for naval aviators.

Summer mess dress No. The winter standard pattern mess dress No. The details of regimental distinctions vary by regiments and are defined in detail in the Canadian Forces Dress Instructions. Miniature medals are worn on the left breast below miniatures of qualification badges earned. The summer standard pattern mess dress is similar except that a white jacket with rank insignia worn on black shoulder boards, and cummerbund, is worn. Army reserve regiments are authorized to wear mess dress that is distinctive to the regiment and which can consist of jackets of different cuts for example high collar and colours, rather than the standard pattern mess dress.

Authorized summer dress No. The winter mess dress of the Royal Canadian Air Force consists of a midnight blue jacket with gold rank insignia worn on the sleeve, black-laced midnight blue trousers, white shirt with soft collar, and a cummerbund in the colours of the Royal Canadian Air Force tartan. Miniature medals are worn on the left breast above miniatures of qualification badges earned. The summer mess dress No. It applies to all three elements and consists of the standard service dress uniform appropriate to the element rifle green for the Army , navy blue for the RCN and light blue for the RCAF , a white long-sleeved shirt as issued to navy personnel and a black bow tie.

Undress ribbons and nametag are worn. It consists of the service short sleeve shirt and service dress trousers appropriate to the element, a cummerbund in black or authorized regimental colours. It is identical to Air Force No. It is authorized for wear by personnel who had joined '"and acquired their mess uniform'" prior to the re-establishment of distinctive environmental uniforms. Media related to Mess uniforms of Germany at Wikimedia Commons.

Mess uniforms were worn by officers of the Imperial German Navy , though not by army officers. During the s in Nazi Germany , officers of the Schutzstaffel SS had the option of purchasing mess dress uniforms.

SS mess dress resembled a double-breasted dinner jacket, with collar tabs and white piping. In modern Germany, mess dress is a permitted uniform for officers and non-commissioned officers NCOs of the Bundeswehr attending white or black tie festive social occasions. Female soldiers wear a long dark-blue skirt and a white blouse with the Bundesadler "Federal Eagle" coat of arms on the right collar. This is combined with a long scarf across the chest and a dark blue short velvet jacket.

A variant with a short white silk jacket combined with a blue blouse is also permitted. Purses and other accessories may be carried. The basic mess dress Grundform for men consists of a jacket with a chain closure, trousers with black silk trim strips, and either a cummerbund army, air force, navy or a Torerobund a torero -style waist sash, for the army and air force.

These sashes or cummerbunds are of black fabric for the army and dark blue for the air force and navy. The chain is gold for the navy and for army and air force generals; others wear a silver chain. This is matched by a white dress shirt with a concealed placket ; no stand-up collars, ruffles, or embroidery and a black bow tie and black or black patent leather shoes.

As a variation, a black smoking jacket with black silk collar and black silk-covered passant Army, Air Force may be worn instead. The ranks are embroidered onto the epaulettes. The jacket is worn without cuff titles , collar patches , or any other coloured insignia.

In the navy, rank insignia is placed on the sleeves. Activity , proficiency , or specialist badges are often included in the embroidered portion.

Miniature versions of any orders and decorations are worn from ribbons. The mess dress of the Hellenic Armed Forces , adopted in , resembles the "rolled collar" jacket, waistcoat and trousers pattern of the British Army as described in this article.

It is classed as no. Colours are those of the historic full dress uniform of the particular branch or service e. A white version is authorized for summer wear. It is only worn abroad, either by military attachés or by senior officers on official state visits.

These rules also apply to the IDF dress uniform. Both senior non-commissioned officers and commissioned officers of the Jamaica Defence Force may wear No. New Zealand Army mess uniforms authorised for officers have recently been simplified in that the distinctive corps and regimental colours previously worn have been replaced by a universal scarlet and blue pattern with only insignia to distinguish one branch or unit from another.

Any medals are displayed above the left breast pocket. Individual flying squadron colours appear on mess dress belts worn by officers. Senior NCOs sergeants, flight sergeants, and warrant officers also wear mess dress for various special functions. Media related to Mess uniforms of Norway at Wikimedia Commons.

The Norwegian Army has no specific mess uniform, but uses its parade uniform or service uniform as appropriate. The Royal Norwegian Navy uses a navy blue hooded jacket and waistcoat. As in the Royal Norwegian Air Force , the mess jacket is used with a white waistcoat for gala events.

The Pakistani Army mess dress may be in khaki drill or rifle green, and largely resembles the daytime No. This order of uniform is obligatory for military officers posted abroad, either as Military attachés Air attaché , Naval attaché , Defence attaché or by high-ranking officers on official state visits.

All military officers are required to wear mess dress on appropriate occasions during such visits or while attending state inaugurations. Media related to Mess uniforms of Sweden at Wikimedia Commons.

The "lesser" liten and "full" stor mess dress are two uniforms of the Swedish Armed Forces uniform subgroup of "social uniforms" sällskapsuniformer. Aside from mess dress, this group also includes "formal wear" and "society wear". Swedish full mess dress is formal wear to be worn on occasions when a civilian would wear white tie or a tailcoat. The numbers represent the year in which the style was introduced.

The full mess dress is the equivalent of Dress Uniform. Additional clothing includes a cloak akin to the boat coat , galoshes, and a scarf, as well as any medals. With the full mess dress one may also wear braces or a waistcoat in one's branch colours. The Swedish lesser mess dress is the equivalent of the civilian black tie. It is the same as the British mess undress or the American mess dress blues. Army officers and cadets may replace the blue vest and sash or the lining of a cloak with traditional regimental or branch-specific colours.

A sabre may be carried, but is not obligatory. Mess dress is a permitted uniform, in that it is allowed to be worn on defined occasions, but possession is not obligatory. There is always a corresponding form of obligatory uniform that may be worn as an alternative army: Full mess dress is thus matched by högtidsdräkt formal wear and the lesser mess dress by sällskapsdräkt society wear.

Formal wear is the same as parade dress , when worn at the equivalent of a white tie occasion. The officers of some ceremonial military corps , such as the Yeomen of the Guard and Gentlemen at Arms , are authorised to wear the evening dress of the Royal Household court uniform as a mess dress.

The Royal Navy and some other navies distinguish between mess dress, which is now the equivalent of civilian white tie, and mess undress, which is the equivalent of black tie. Officers of the rank of captain and above wear gold-laced trousers the gold lace stripes are nicknamed "lightning conductors" , and may wear the undress tailcoat without epaulettes , with either mess dress or mess undress.

The undress tailcoat is so named to distinguish it from the full dress tailcoat that was worn during the day with full dress No. Both the undress tailcoat and the mess jacket are double-breasted, with peaked lapels and six gilt buttons, but cut to be worn single-breasted and fastened at the front with two linked gilt buttons. The undress tailcoat is fitted with scallop-flapped hip pockets with three gilt buttons on each pocket.

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